Ian Hedgeland . Partnerships & Corporate governance

Ian Hedgeland . Partnerships & Corporate governance


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With nearly two decades of experience in both Oil & Gas, and IT / Technology industry - Ian brings unparalleled depth of hands-on, strategic, and multi-disciplinary experience to both the JOT leadership team, and into client projects. Growing up in the Oil & Gas industry in the Calgary, he has seen both the ups and downs of the energy industry - and learned from the best in terms of strategic approach to win in both tumultuous and prosperous times. 

A lifelong learner, Ian is a vibrant and active member in the Calgary Angel Investing and University of Calgary Alumni communities. He brings experience from developer level - all the way to executive, with experience in large multi-national oilfield services, to small startup companies. The engineer in him always keeps him invested in the technical details, and from the business side - how to truly deliver business value to a project.

Ian holds a B.Sc Software Engineering, P. Eng., Executive MBA from the University of Calgary.

JOHN Carpenter . innovation, design & APp Development

JOHN Carpenter . innovation, design & APp Development



John lives in the intersection of code, design and business. Driving change with technology needs an understanding of the three disciplines to be successful and he has spent his life tooling around in the middle. From Game design to Self-Driving cars to Oenology, John's passion for learning has allowed him to bring a unique perspective to many problems.

John's mandate is to innovate and prototype software in such a way that it can grow with you as your company changes, adapts and succeeds. Always starting at the core of the requirement, his directive is to build just what is required and scale the parts that make your company unique - focusing on differentiators.

His free time is spent in the mountains and with his family. He plans to retire on a farm raising unicorns, or at least that's what he's been told by his daughter.


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