Get better products, faster. Open a new world of opportunity for your organization.

We understand the urgency you face to get your product to market. We understand the battle you face to determine risk against reward as you face time-consuming, expensive technologies with scarce resources. You are stuck with either buying software off the shelf that doesn't do everything you need, or a complete custom-build from a very expensive developer. But what if you could assemble different pieces of software into an agile, simplified, and cost-effective prototype?  

Enter JOT. Designing and developing the tools you need is no longer the arduous, risky process, or investment riddled with question marks.

At JOT we prototype software in such a way that it can grow with you as your company changes, adapts and succeeds. We start small, build just what is required and scale the components that make your company unique. We have bullet focus on your differentiators and we help you bring them to market.

We do this by leveraging tools and techniques developed internally by our experienced team, and take cues from companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook in terms of iterative process and design.

These tools allow us to snap together applications quickly, taking advantage of the first-class tools used on the worlds largest apps. Much like IKEA furniture, we can assemble applications that are functional, useful and more importantly less costly than any custom solution can be.


We don't just make "apps". JOT product is designed to allow you to measure, learn and adapt or build your technology in response to the market. And more importantly we will show you how to steer your tech innovation to get the most out of it.  Without the JOT tools, you are stuck with an "app" that fails to meet the needs of the business and your users.


Engage with your initial consultation, and access to our team with our signature SLINGSHOT methodology, where we work to understand the complexities of your business, and design the optimal solutions for your digital & IT infrastructure.



  • Short & Long Digital FlightPath
  • Design review & mockups
  • Web, mobile or combination of apps
  • Best in class marketing, analytics and messaging tools

Timing / The initial engagement will span 4-8 weeks, from beginning to launch. Following that time, we structure a calendar of engagement as your committed digital partners.

Ongoing Services / 

  • Weekly / monthly, on-demand support
  • Quarterly assessments and iterations
  • Semi-annual strategy & next gen planning

Additional JOT 360 Offers / 

  • Data & Analytics
  • Dashboard development
  • Online marketing and digital design services