Organizing systems, turning data into information, information into insight - and making it work for your organization. This is JOT Data & Analytics.

Data is one of the most valuable assets within your organization - the tie that binds your business together.

Your operational excellence and competitive advantage depends on your ability to gather critical data from various inputs, organize it, understand it, and then USE it - to make it meaningful and important business decisions.

All too often this flow of invaluable information is restrained and siloed, resulting is half told stories. Half realized promises. JOT works with your team to break down these silos and unleash the true and unrealized potential of your company's data stream.

Data analytics initiatives help your businesses:

  • Increase revenues
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Optimize marketing campaigns and customer service efforts,
  • Respond quicker to emerging market trends, and 
  • Gain a competitive edge over rivals

All with the ultimate goal of adding velocity to your business performance.

3-steps to Analytics: 

1. Organize past or historical data,

2. Effectively capture and analyze current data for real-time business decisions,

3. Plan the future of your business through predictive data. 

JOT aims to understand the key data points within your organization, and organize for ease of access and assessment. From there we shift focus to capturing and analyzing new information to reach the ultimate goal of efficiently processing the data for real-time business decisions. Using a mix of both internal systems and external data sources; once both the past and present data has been addressed then we can unlock the potential of predictive data.

With the agreed strategy set in motion, monthly support continues on the go-forward for the life of your business.


  • Data Mining: Sorting through large data sets to identify trends, patterns and relationships;
  • Predictive Analytics:  Predicts customer behavior, equipment failures and other future events;
  • Machine learning: An artificial intelligence technique that uses automated algorithms to churn through data sets more quickly than data scientists can do via conventional analytical modelling. 


Get started with your initial consultation and signature SLINGSHOT methodology where we work through the complexities of your business to design the optimal structure for your systems, data capture, and info management.



Ongoing Services
Weekly / Monthly, On-demand support
Quarterly IT check-ins
Semi-annual strategy & IT planning 

Additional Services

  • Business metrics & KPI design
  • Dashboard development
  • Analysis support per business unit
  • Internal communications 
  • JOT360 service


Make JOT your outsourced it department. 

With unparalleled expertise and depth of experience, JOT can take whatever role you require. From outsourced CIO or CTO, to advisors or IT technicians, we want to see you succeed beyond your current reality and your wildest dreams. We are here to help you move up, and up. With JOT, it's All Systems Go. Let's talk.