Old school work ethic meets new school design thinking.  Plug your company into a world-class team. JOT [anti]-AGENCY. 

There is method to building a world-class brand and marketing strategy that transcends boundaries and exceeds expectations.

Your organization has big challenges - and even bigger opportunities. You seek a new approach, a breakthrough, and a big win. We aim to help you move quickly and efficiently, within your market with our agile and iterative approach to digital brand advancement.

Kick off with JOT’s signature SLINGSHOT workshop process with Design Sprint methodology. Following a rapid-fire session held with your leadership team, we deliver a plan for your online activity that points to target, maps the path, and details out the tactics. Your plan always includes scalable options tied to budget and desired results.

SMART & AGILE DESIGN and minimum viable products are core values of our company, and this approach seeps through all facets of our organization.



Our strategy, creative and design teams and work units are diverse, and JOT has direct access to all skills required for any scope or size of project.

At JOT we typically employ a structured process to all engagements, however if there is a specific or critical task at hand - we will move quickly to action with the level of support required.


  • Social media strategy

  • Campaign design

  • Video production - blogs & vlogs

  • Graphic design & production

"The innovation point is the pivotal moment when talented and motivated people seek the opportunity to act on their ideas and dreams."

W. Arthur Porter