Hemi IT Solutions Merges with Technology Group, Jot Digital Inc. | Press Release

October 1, 2020. Earlier this year, IT experts and managed service provider Hemi IT Solutions was acquired by technology company Jot Digital Inc. Both are Calgary-based, and the move brings together two highly complementary companies and will strengthen one another’s capacity to support their clients, specifically in the delivery of IT Managed Service and Consulting.

Jot and Hemi are now able to service and support more customers across North America and add value with an expanded list of business solutions including IT Management, Business Systems Integration, Software and App Development, and Digital Marketing. Jot’s current IT clients will benefit from Hemi’s decade of experience and enjoy faster and more reliable support.

“This is a good move for Hemi IT, and we’re excited to merge with Jot.” said Travis Hemsworth, “Jot is young, but they are an emerging technology company. True visionaries in pro-active thinking, they aim to rationalize IT footprints and stay one step ahead of ever-changing technology. We see multiple benefits and added value for our clients in combining our forces, and we look forward to a productive future.”

Ian Hedgeland, President and CEO of Jot Digital explained, “We are a much stronger full-service tech company now. With Hemi IT Solutions, we can deliver faster response times and better customer service to all our valued clients. Collectively, we aim to provide a fair-priced solution focused on keeping small to medium-sized businesses operational and secure, while within an efficient footprint. My goal is for Jot to become one of Canada’s leading technology companies, providing 360-degree digital solutions.”


About Jot Digital

Jot Digital Inc. is a full-service tech provider with a wide array of clients throughout Canada and the United States. They know every customer is unique and needs their own tech strategy to succeed. Jot’s priority is their customers’ satisfaction, and they achieve that through pro-active thinking and accountable, reliable work. They provide a fresh perspective on technology and aim to infuse any organization with new ideas and insights when managing IT systems, writing software, planning a digital roadmap, or securing a business’s continuity through disaster recovery solutions.


About Hemi IT

For over a decade, Hemi IT Solutions has made it their mission to provide fair-priced B2B service. Communication is the centerpiece of their fast, responsive, reliable IT support. They focus on creating and maintaining partnerships with their clients based on trust, efficiency, and follow-through. Hemi strives to provide excellent customer service while delivering scalable IT Solutions needed to drive their customers’ success. They also take care of the day-to-day maintenance to ensure that the technology used by every customer they support, is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

For more information, please contact:

Ian Hedgeland | President and CEO | Jot Digital Inc.

Phone 403.975.4426 | ian@jot.digital

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