With the ever-changing and evolving landscape of technology, businesses are forced to adapt and integrate new IT practices on a fairly regular basis. When it comes to technology, many of them wonder whether outsourced IT or in-house tech teams better suit their business needs and goals. The truth is, both have their own set of positive characteristics and setbacks.

While in-house IT teams may be more familiar with your products and services, they might not be as up-to-date on the newest and most innovative technology resources available. Outsourced IT teams might lack the deeper understanding of a company’s inner workings, but they are typically experts in the field of IT and work hard to customize a plan to suit various businesses with nuanced requirements.

It’s no secret that we lean more toward the outsourced IT side of things, since after all, that’s what we do at Jot IT. But we are also realistic about IT infrastructure. While we pride ourselves on catering to the individual needs and objectives of our clients, we know that sometimes, companies find it easier to keep their IT in-house. And that’s cool by us. It’s our simple mission to share the good, bad and ugly that come with either scenario, so that you can make the most informed decision possible when building your IT strategy. Let’s dive in.


The good: Like mentioned above, having in-house IT allows your technology staff to fully understand what you offer customers and clients. For companies developing a product that’s novel to the market (think Uber or Postmates), in-house can be beneficial for the scope and lengthiness of the project at hand. The long-term commitment and ability to keep the team together in a singular space would allow you to change direction easily if needed.

The bad and ugly: In-house IT teams can certainly manage day-by-day operations, but often prove to fall short when it comes to specialized skills necessary for specific new projects. Businesses are more prevalently developing mobile solutions, and not every in-house tech team can keep up with the introduction of new best practices and groundbreaking approaches to technology. Without the support for continued education and growth, in-house IT teams fall behind and may not be able to create valuable solutions for their team like an outsourced, specialized IT team could. This sets businesses back if their competition is able to develop solutions faster and more efficiently.


The good: Outsourced IT professionals are up-to-date on the newest, most cutting-edge technology solutions. Outsourced IT benefits are many, most prominently the ability to provide a very specific skill or meet a very particular need of a company. Companies also benefit from full-service IT solutions because the skilled, knowledgeable team of technology professionals handles everything information technology, removing the worry and risk associated with technology from your team’s hands.

Outsourcing IT to these IT managed services groups saves businesses time and money. The contracted team handles your full IT strategy, system maintenance, software and hardware functionality, first-rate security, email management and much more. Our team specifically partners with and gets to know our clients so that we feel like an extension of their team. By understanding their mission, guiding values and goals, we can develop an IT plan that uniquely fits their needs, advances revenue and paves the path toward long-term, ongoing success.

The bad and ugly: Investing in outsourced IT teams can seem overwhelming, but for the security and business benefits, the long-term venture is worth it for the good of your business. While some outsourced IT teams might not familiarize themselves with the nuances of their individual clients, it’s our mission at Jot IT to become integrated with each of our client’s business strategy and major goals. We pride ourselves on becoming a part of your team.

As a client, you’ll always have control over your technology plans, and we will work together to achieve impressive measures of success. For more information about our full scope of IT managed services, reach out to our team today. We’d love to give you a free technical assessment and walk you through how we could benefit your business.

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